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The New museum

Who is deciding on the content?

  • The Museum Project Team – Members of the Association who are keenly interested in our regimental history and all the artefacts and records we have in the Collection. The project team will take advice from other professionals who know what regimental museums can do and can provide.

What will the content look like/Does it look like on the pictures on this site?

  • It will be a mixture of artefacts displayed in wood and glass cabinets, suitable to protect the valuable artefacts/papers, and modern graphic displays (and perhaps some interactive digital displays) – at this stage we are still planning. We hope it both to be modern and attractive – but not too modern and too expensive. The images on the site are indicative of what could be possible in the spaces provided.

What is the space?

  • The detailed plans are being drawn up currently. The concept has been approved by the planning department but we now have to do some structural tests for load bearing before we make final plans and submit for building control regulations. All this will happen in the summer.
  • We believe the space to be the equivalent of 5 rooms – two on the ground floor, two on the first floor with the fifth over the arch way on the same floor. The second floor will contain storage areas for artefacts and records not on display as well as a desk area for researchers.

Will there be disabled access and parking?

  • Yes – there will disabled access through the entrance to the ground floor and a WC with disabled access (as per building regs!). There will be a disabled car parking space under the archway at the back of the building. A new stair case will be provided with stannah stairlift for those with difficulty in reaching the first floor and its displays. There will not be a lift.

Gifts/Legacies and Gift Aid

Gifts. You mention £100 and £1000 and £10,000 a lot but can I help with a gift of any amount which suits me, with or without gift aid?

  • Yes – any gift of any amount will be gratefully received! Any amount is possible. Please use the Response Form because that will real help the appeal office in Home HQ. We use the figures as examples because they make adding up the potential easier!
  • We only need 80 individuals to give or loan £10,000 and we have made the target – but this will not involve all Members in the project. Large gifts are still very welcome of course.
  • If 8000 members, friends and family were to give £80 (with £20 of gift aid being added) we will make the target as well.
  • If 3000 members, friends or family gave £5 per month by S/O for 3 years (plus gift aid – a total of £225 each) we would be 10% over target!

Legacies. How will my legacy help when your fundraising is essentially for the short term?

  • Legacy giving is tax efficient for you but for us to know your intention (whenever it comes into effect) will help us plan how we provide the long term funds for the annual running costs of the museum. When we receive your legacy we would invest it with the other long term funds and use only the income from the investments to support the museum. This would be a wonderful legacy.

Fundraising events

Are there any Fundraising events planned to support the Project?

  • No; no events planned by the appeal organisers. Can you run a fundraising event in support of the project or join with others to share the burden? Any monies raised will be gratefully received and will be recognised in just the same way as individual gifts or loans.