Plans for the new future museum of The Queen's Royal Hussars Plans for the new future museum of The Queen's Royal Hussars Plans for the new future museum of The Queen's Royal Hussars

How you can help

There are many ways to help with the Project.

The most important one for now is to help passing the message to mates, friends and family checking they know of what we are trying to achieve. We can’t assume we know everyone’s whereabouts and their addresses – postal or email.

In the medium term it may be helping with the setup of the new museum – sharing photographs, perhaps providing something for display which is gathering dust in the back of a cupboard or garage.

Then there may be offering help to move things into or out of store whilst we close the old museums and prepare to open the new one.

Raise the funds

BUT perhaps above all for now we need your help to raise the funds. Please select the best means for you – to donate as a one-off or over a period of time.

How to donate

Make a gift. Fill out the Response Form and send a cheque to HHQ. You can arrange to make a BACS payment if you prefer. Setting up a standing order can also be done.

Gift Aid Declaration

Please note that the Loan Scheme option, which was available in 2016, is now closed.

Could you consider "Give as you Earn" through your employer – monthly contributions with Gift Aid – known as Payroll Giving.

FAQs about Fundraising

If you have any questions about fundraising please visit our FAQ page.

Fundraising so far...

Consider a monthly standing order
Make a donation with added gift aid
Run a small fundraising event with your mates and supporters
Updated Target (2017)
We have raised nearly £1.2M towards an overall target of £1.5M. Now we need to raise the final £300,000 to open and operate the Museum in 2019

Fundraising Correspondence Pack

Download our fundraising pack in a zip file, or download as individual documents below.